The Pioneer of Vitamin C Skin Care Since 1991.

Quite possibly the greatest skin care breakthrough of the last twenty-five years, Cellex-C Complex is undoubtedly the most effective way of replenishing your aging skin’s low vitamin C levels. The Complex contains highly concentrated levels of L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) together with a precise formulation of other natural constituents vital to skin enhancement. It is the precise technology of the Complex that allows Cellex-C formulations to work differently from all other skin care products.

A Formulation That Really Works.

Cellex-C Complex is the original formulation that in the early 1990’s pioneered the present worldwide interest in the topical application of vitamin C. Originally launched in 1991, Cellex-C was the first topical ascorbic acid formulation to be successfully commercialized.

Today, there are hundreds of companies worldwide selling vitamin C products, yet no other formulation has been able to reproduce the stunning results with continued use achieved by Cellex-C.

The synergy of the original patented complex combined with proprietary technology invented by Cellex-C and known to only five people worldwide, that sets Cellex-C apart from all other vitamin C products and produces results that no other product can duplicate.

Cellex-C is based on the scientific findings of the Bioderm patent, co-invented by Dr. Lorraine Meisner. The patented complex was initially developed in the mid-1980’s as a result of clinical studies on wound healing and related connective tissue disease. A correlation was observed between a deficiency in L-ascorbic acid (a particular form of vitamin C), tyrosine plus zinc and intrinsically aged or photo-damaged skin.

The patented complex was then combined with a phyto-chemical composition to produce a delivery system that would facilitate the absorption of the nutrients into the skin. The visual results are compelling. Over the past twenty years we have witnessed the amazing long-term effects of the continued use of Cellex-C. Our photographic library shows the long term benefits and lack of the normal signs of visible aging on subjects who have used Cellex-C consistently between ten and twenty years.


“These results are truly remarkable and deserve the close attention of the medical and professional community.”

Peter T. Pugliese, MD, Pennsylvania, USA.

84.2% Observed Reduction In Wrinkles

Clinical trial reveals dramatic improvement in skin firmness and tone after 3 months.

Improved Skin Tone



Less Discolouration



Improved Skin Firmness



Increased Smoothness



Diminished Wrinkles



Moon mapping technology demonstrates the efficacy of Cellex-C

Optical profilometry was used in order to enable an objective evaluation of changes in facial topography as a result of using Cellex-C Serum for three months. This procedure entails use of a silicone rubber mold to obtain an exact impression of facial lines and irregularities. The resulting imprint is then converted into a reverse image which depicts wrinkles as hills and smooth skin as valleys, permitting exact measurement of skin topography similar to that done to map the lunar landscape.